We love Sage’s music! Not only is it technically excellent, it has that rare quality — sincerity, honesty — that makes the listener suspend judgement and get lost in Sage’s vision — a beautiful one!
— Tuck and Patti, Epic Recording Artists

Sage Gentle-Wing is one of the finest songwriters on the scene today, with a distinct sound and approach all his own.

Cut in the mold of a mid-60's Dylan or Lennon, Sage is also a formidable guitarist with an expansive repertoire of endless riffs and ever-flowing ideas based in solid harmonic schooling.

A bluesy jazz player and a jazzy rock player, he is, in fact, an innovative guitarist drawing from every discipline that crosses every genre, but still comes out "Americana," for lack of a better term.

It is "Sage Music." His sound is made complete with a folksy storytelling approach to lyrics but he is a master of the three-minute Beatles-style pop hit as well. 

Sage will woo you into his work with killer guitar chops, excellent vocals with pleasing but gutsy voice, great lyrics, and what is now becoming a more known X-factor: the "Sage VIBE," which is a combination of all of the above plus an unmistakable personal stage energy!

Broken Dream Album Releasing Winter 2018

Photo Credit: Laura Rachelle Aguilar

Photo Credit: Laura Rachelle Aguilar

Broken Dream (Single) Review by Paul Zollo:

This is very beautiful! I love the melody and the vocals - the harmonies - the urgency of the message and delivery. The chords are beautiful.

And the heart of the song is grateful. And that is the heart of things.

Not everyone gets that but you do.

Perfect for me to hear this on Lennon’s birthday. Reminds me of him - melodically and chordally - and the phrasing - the whimsical vibe of it.

Now I have heard it three times - gonna keep listening - you should send it to Yoko. I think she would appreciate it.

I love it. Beautiful song, beautiful message. Upbeat and luminous - rhythmically pleasing - that groove is unique and sorta funky - the sound of the track - and i like it.

As someone who is always waiting on people’s response to stuff - I felt especially bad about this! not listening long ago.

Glad I could at long last. Thanks for sharing with me - and great work. Happy John day.
— Paul Zollo - Senior Editor, American Songwriter Magazine and Author of the Two-Volume Set "Songwriters on Songwriting"
Hey, from this humble peanut, I think this is wonderful. Very reminiscent of early Bowie.

Take that as a huge compliment.

I really like the lyrics and the melody against the chorus ... Pretty unique these days, eh?

The orchestration was correct and I loved the more spritely groove against the fundamental “slower” pulse of the song.

Good work, Sage — sincerely!

My only “disappointment” ... I’d hoped to hear more guitar playing.* It was not missed in this song. A complete arrangement as recorded.
— Merel Bregante - Former Drummer, Loggins and Messina and Drummer/Producer - Sarah Pierce Band

*Note: More Guitar was posthumously added in the final version of Broken Dream. See Audio Clips.